Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ever Heard of a One Shoulder Dog Dress? Presenting the "Penny" Gown!

Hi, everyone!  It had never occurred to me that a one shoulder dog dress could be made until a lady ordered one last week.  Her order was accompanied by a photo of a bridesmaid's gown of a style identical to the one she wanted for her sister's dog, whose name is Penny.  Being a positive thinker, I was pretty sure I could accomplish what she wanted, so I pulled out a conservative dog coat pattern, and after mulling things over for a minute or so, decided to sew a duplicate and then cut one of the shoulders off, passing the scissors on one side to just underneath where the sleeve would go, and omitting the sleeve on the other side.  To keep the shoulder from falling due to the shape of a dog, I fastened a thin elastic neck strap, which would be slipped over the dog's head, to the top of the shoulder where the bow is.

On completion of the gown I sent photos of it the buyer for approval prior to shipping, as I normally do when I've finished sewing a custom order.  That she was happy with it is an understatement - she praised it to the skies!!  I was so excited at her feedback, I decided to list it as just a made to order small dogs' item, which was my only option due to my having mailed the garment to the buyer.  This way, shoppers will know what it looks like. 

Now, dear readers, you get to find out what it looks like.  Presenting...THE "PENNY" GOWN (drum roll):

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  1. Don't you love working with satin? I never thought I would (I'm a weeny about slippery fabric and my sewing machine is a bottom-of-the-line cheapy simple model) but with good quality satin, it's a lot of fun! What a clever design this is!