Wednesday, December 26, 2012

And More Pet Bow Ties!

Hi, everyone!  I hope everyone is surviving the holidays, which are enjoyable for many but can also be a stressful time of year.

As promised in my last post, I have two masculine bow tie styles to report.  One is of the same cotton fabric as my Navajo print dog coat and is embellished in the center with a turquoise stone and pewter feather, both of which aew securely sewn on.  The other, which I listed today, is of a beachy theme, with a securely fastened (natch!) shark tooth in the center and, on each side, a glass fish bead.  Here are the pics:

Business has picked up lately - something that can partly be attributed to the holidays.  What's so exciting about getting four orders during the past month - one of them for three items - is that some of the buyers have promised more orders in the future, which could well start materializing in January, since...well, I'll start by saying this: if you thought 30% off was a good deal, you haven't seen anything yet; I'll reduce the prices of everything in my Shop but the cravats and bow ties 50% during my month-long Bow Wor Blockbuster January Sale!  For now the coupon code is a secret; more shall be revealed on the 31st.  Who doesn't love a sale?
Florida gets pretty hot and muggy during the summer, which makes the cooler winter days welcome to some Floridians including me (I hate the humidity), and the last few days have been sweater weather, with more cold days on the way.  I find cool weather so invigorating and the summer weather just draining.  This reminds me of a local TV station's commercial aired in the winter, in which  the star was a young boy who was an avid viewer of the station's weather forecast.  He would be so excited whenever the meterologist predicted cold weather, because the boy loved to wear his coat.  I thought the commercial was so cute!

That's all for now, folks.  Be back in a few days with some easy-to-fix recipes and more good stuff.==

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