Thursday, August 8, 2013

Roses, Violets and Viruses

Hi, everyone!  I haven't posted lately (tsk, tsk!) because I've been really busy sewing garments for the gallery.  So far I've mailed twelve, the most recent mailing accomplished yesterday, and the owner of the gallery fell in love with them, telling me when she received the first batch, "They're so cute I can't stand it! (LOL)."  I haven't received word on whether any of them have sold, but I probably won't know until September 1, when she pays her artists via PayPal.

Here's a pic of a dress I mailed yesterday, one I've decided to make exclusive to the gallery (not for listing on Etsy):
I've dubbed this the "Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue" Dog Dress, and it's available in both the Small and XSmall sizes.

For about the past month, viruses were the story of my computing life.  Over that period of time I noticed worsening aggravation in the form of unexpected web pages and windows surfacing when I'd typed a URL into the address bar.  It became intensely aggravating yesterday evening, and I hardly had any peace with the machine until this afternoon, when I threw up my hands and called that wonderful techsupport company with which I've had a three-year contact since December of 2010.  The company,, is located in India, and their expertise is awesome; they've resolved every software issue I've had, ranging from unexpected change to my Internet Home Page from MSN to Google to computer viruses, which was the cause of my most recent headaches.  The technician found over 40 viruses!  I came out of this experience $79.95 poorer, since the technician sold me a wonderful virus protection program, which is much better than what I'd been using, a program known as Total Defense, which automatically performs weekly scans and virus eradication.

Other tasks beckon, so I must close for now.  Take care!