Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dom the Pom Undressed

Here are the pics I promised earlier today, plus a yummy coleslaw recipe.

Her chair was in my living room until a few months ago, when I moved it into my bedroom so I could fondle her and talk to her while working on my computer or sewing machine.  She loves the companionship and so do I, of course.

Here's the recipe, which contains one of my favorite herbs, fennel.  If you've never tried this herb, it tastes like licorice and will add some pizazz to your slaw.

FENNEL-APPLE COLESLAW (16 half-cup servings)

4 cups shredded red cabbage
1/4 tsp. fennel
1/3 cup sour cream
1/3 cup mayonnaise
1 TBSP. cider vinegar
1 tsp. sugar
1/4 tsp. caraway seeds
1/4 tsp. freshly ground pepper

Combine solid ingredients and set aside.  In a small bowl whisk the wet ingredients until smooth.  Pour over coleslaw and mix thoroughly.


I have to close for now.  As I said in my last post, it's great to be back!

My "Browse" Button Is No Longer MIA!!

Call me a happy camper due to my "Browse" button being back in my life as a blogger!  The shriek of delight I emitted when I tried it a minute ago might have been heard in California (I'm in Florida).  A week ago I upgraded my browser from Internet Explorer8 to IE9, which may have had something to do with the return of the button.  I never realized how much fun blogging is until I was unable to post pics and therefore unable to blog!

During the summer I may have posted a comment about Dominique's then-short (due to the hot summer here) coat.  You should see her now - her coat is in full bloom, and when a friend of mine saw some pics of her on my digital camera she said, "She looks like a bear."  I've known, and known of, several people who named their black Poms "Bear," with good reason.  Now that I can post photos again, I'll take some of her without clothes and of her lounging in HER chair - yes, the spoiled little patootie has her own chair! - and post them here.

I've listed another small dogs'/cats' fleece coat, a Mexican Serape print/stripe hybrid which is featured in an Etsy Treasury titled "Mexican Folk Art."  Here's a pic of the coat:
Now that I can post pics again, it's time for me to take more.  Be back later.  Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another Fun Bow Tie

Hi, everyone!  I've been having so much fun designing and creating my line of dogs' and cats' bow ties!  They're a step above the ones made just of cloth, as mine are adorned with buttons, beads and cloth floral trims.  This one is of a fabric the distributor dubbed the Fiesta print - it'ds so colorful, it's sure to brighten the day of the wearer's owner! - and it's trimmed at the center with a goldtone star-shaped button.  Here's a pic of my Dominique modeling it.

Oops, foiled again!  This site had had its (and its users) share of problems with photo uploads recently.  My only suggestion is to go to my Etsy Shop and find the listing titled Cats'/Little Dogs' Bow Tie w/Star Button - Red, Orange, Gray, Black & Pale Blue Fiesta Print, Shih Tzu  I sure hope Blogspot's technicaql staff can iron this wrinkle out soon.

That's all for now.  I'd post more, but am not in the mood due to persistence of the technical issue.  Be back later, and hopefully by then I'll be able to upload photos.  Especially since the next item on my creative agenda is construction and listing of a fleece coat in a colorful print.  Stay tuned, and have a great day!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Bureau of Missing Web Page Buttons

Hi, everyone!  I'mm in dire need of help from someone who would know how I can upload a photo onto this blog without the old super-reliable "Browse" button, which always worked like a charm. 

When I tried uploading a pic a while ago, I ended up with a ginormous problem which I ended up reporting to the Bureau of Missing Web Page Buttons, or something to that effect.  Instead of encountering the "Browse" button, I encountered a page I'd never seen before, which had four or five choices including "URL."  Off I went to my Etsy Shop to copy the URL of the item whose photo I needed to upload, then returned to Blogspot and pasted the URL into the URL bar.  Lo and behold, to my great consternation the system rejected the URL!  When I saw the error message I couldn't believe my eyes, since I'd had no problem whatsoever copying & pasting URLs into Wanelo's URL box!

If any of you could advice me as to how I can upload photos with this new format, I would greatly appreciate it.  The expression, "If it works, don't fix it," could have applied here, and I would dearly love to know why Blogspot changed the upload format with no notice, much less instruction on how to use it, whatsoever.

Have a wonderful day, and I hope I'll be able to upload my pic tomorrow evening.