Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My "Browse" Button Is No Longer MIA!!

Call me a happy camper due to my "Browse" button being back in my life as a blogger!  The shriek of delight I emitted when I tried it a minute ago might have been heard in California (I'm in Florida).  A week ago I upgraded my browser from Internet Explorer8 to IE9, which may have had something to do with the return of the button.  I never realized how much fun blogging is until I was unable to post pics and therefore unable to blog!

During the summer I may have posted a comment about Dominique's then-short (due to the hot summer here) coat.  You should see her now - her coat is in full bloom, and when a friend of mine saw some pics of her on my digital camera she said, "She looks like a bear."  I've known, and known of, several people who named their black Poms "Bear," with good reason.  Now that I can post photos again, I'll take some of her without clothes and of her lounging in HER chair - yes, the spoiled little patootie has her own chair! - and post them here.

I've listed another small dogs'/cats' fleece coat, a Mexican Serape print/stripe hybrid which is featured in an Etsy Treasury titled "Mexican Folk Art."  Here's a pic of the coat:
Now that I can post pics again, it's time for me to take more.  Be back later.  Have a wonderful day!

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