Monday, December 31, 2012

Coupon Code Revealed (Just in Time for January Bow Wow Blockbuster Sale!)

Hi, everyone!  Here it is...(drum roll)...the coupon code for my January Bow Wow Blockbusters Sale, which starts at the stroke of midnight 2013 with savings of 50% on everything but my cravats and bow ties, and runs through the last day of the month: JANUARY50

I just listed a truly feminine pet bow tie (one for the "gentlemen" is next on my agenda), which is accented with a daisy button in the center and, on each side, a ducky button:

As you can see in the "piece de resistance" pic of Dom modeling the bow tie, her winter coat has grown by leaps and bounds.  Quite a transformation from what would have easily passed for a shorthaired breed during the summer.  Florida summers are that hot and muggy!

Gotta go now.  Have a safe New Year's! Too many drinks and driving don't mix, so by all means find a designated driver or take a cab home if the need arises.  Be back later.

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