Saturday, December 8, 2012

First Time Using New Sewing Machine...

annnnnd...I LOVE it!!  First I took some time poring over the user's manual, then bit the bullet and sewed an additional piece of Velcro on a dog coat to make sure it would fit the buyer's mother-in-law's Chihuahua, who is a little smaller than Dominique (this coat is a ready to wear item).  The Velcro went on as if I'd effortlessly poured it onto the coat - sewing it was THAT easy, with no sense of resistance whatsoever, unlike what it's immediate predecessor had produced; it always had a borderline sense of hesitancy, like the needle was trying to jam but not succeeding.  Sometimes it did jam right after I'd threaded the machine, necessitating rethreading right then and there.  You can probably imagine the frustration I felt when that happened.  In contrast, this machine purrs like a contented kitten!

The child deep within me surfaced right after I sewed that piece of Velcro on (I was so excited!).  Since the model of the machine is Huskystar, I Googled "Siberian Husky photos", printed one out, cut it around the borders and taped it to the front of the machine.  Siberians are beautiful and so is this sewing machine!

Here's a pic of the dog coat, which I'll mail to the buyer Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend and give your pets, if you have any, a big (((hug))) from Dom the Pom and me.  Be back soon with a recipe and a photo of what will be my next Etsy listing, which I'm looking even more forward to sewing than my previous ones (guess why?)

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