Saturday, December 29, 2012

Correction to Wednesday December 5 Recipe Post (Apple Cranberry Crisp)

Hi, friends!  In an email Victoria (my Liebster Award nominator) sent me yesterday, she asked me what happened to the cranberries in the recipe I'd posted December 5.  I took a peek at the recipe, annnnd...aha, the cranberries were missing from the list of ingredients!  I looked up the recipe, and here they are: 5 cups of fresh cranberries.  Thanks so much, Victoria!

For an Etsy seller, the task of perfecting listing photos is never finished, which means the learning curve is ongoing.  I just reviewed my pics and found eleven that are in need of reshooting.  I've learned from posts on Etsy's main Forums, which are a great learning tool, that the best time to shoot outdoor photos is during the so-called photographer's golden hour - that is, during the last hour before it gets dark, when the sun is going down - so in a little more than an hour I'll be back on the lawn next to my patio with my camera, Dom the Pom, and eleven garments.

What I've found interesting about the photo improvement process is that we sellers can think a pic is fine until the day arrives when...BAM!...we'll look at one and see that there's room for improvement.  But now that I've reached the point of no longer having to reshoot all of them (I have the location and editing techniques down pat), I'm no longer finding reshooting a pain in the neck; it's become fun!

That's all for now.  I know I promised a recipe in this post, but right now I don't have time, so I'll post it later today.

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