Friday, December 7, 2012

Freedom, at Last, From Sewing Machine Woes

I think i've shared in a few previous posts about the trials and tribulations I'd experienced with a sewing machine of a brand reputed to be top of the line but to me was the top of the contents of a trash can.  Thread would break and the needle movemnt mechanism would jam while I'd be sewing, and those things came to a head last week during construction of the pair of doggie tuxes and the one shoulder gown.  Mailing was delayed as a result of the problems.  Thankfully the buyer was very understanding (she's a sweetheart!), and in my last post I shared how excited she was when she saw the pics of the gown.

Things came to a head again this morning when I tried sewing a longer piece of Velcro onto a fleece dog coat which was ready to wear aside from the Velcro addition, which I felt would be a good idea in view of the intended wearer being a little smaller than Dominique.  The needle kept hesitating, and when I pulled the coat from the machine I saw to my dismay that there were long loops of thread hanging from the back of where I'd tried attaching the Velcro.  That did it!  I made a beeline for a sewing machine store to buy a reliable (for a change!) machine. 

Did I just take a quick look at the machines and then make a hasty decision as to which one I'd purchase?  Far from it!  I arrived at the store armed with some fair-sized pieces of cotton, fleece and Velcro, and did I put the salesman's recommendation to the test!  I was impressed, and after spending a good amount of time making a serious decision, headed for home with a Huskystar 244, made by Husqvarna.

What a joyful experience sewing is when it's trouble-free and each stitch brings you closer to completion of the project.  I love the hum of a well-made machine such as my brand new one!

That's all for now.  Have a glorious weekend!

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