Friday, November 30, 2012

Treasuries and Sales (Subtitled: "a Wonderful Week")

Hello, everyone!  Good things have happened to me these last few days, and it's sure uplifting to read about a Good Samaritan in the news when the press floods it with an overabundance of bad news.  I was really touched by the account of the New York City cop who bought a pair of boots for the homeless man with unshod blistered feet.

In a period of two days, three of my items were featured in Etsy Treasuries: my orange, yellow, pink, brown and green flannel nursery print dog PJs in Scrappy Rat Designs' Holiday Red & Chartreuse Treasury; my light teal Chinese brocade doggie party dress in Sashadoxieboutique's Teal Temptations Treasury; and my sky blue fleece dog coat with multicolored floral trim in Scrappy Rat Designs' Aquamarine & Richest Red Treasury.  Photos of the featured garments are posted below.

My Cyber Monday sale campaign turned out to be a success, resulting in two orders, one for the polka dotted satin party dress with a removable feather boa and the other for two black doggie tuxedos and one silver satin off-the-shoulder gown.  The would-be wearers are Shelties owned by a lady who's getting married in the late Spring and will receive the garments as a Christmas present from her sister, who ordered them.  The bride-to-be will have photos taken of the dogs wearing them, and will have the photos on display at her wedding.  I'm really excited about this, partly because the displayed pics will be good publicity for my Shop.  When I ship the clothes I'll enclose some of ny business cards for the bride-to-be to hand out to wedding guests who might be interested in ordering my merchandise.

I'll say goodbye for now, then post the pics of my Treasury items:

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