Sunday, March 10, 2013

Treasuries and Tweaks

Hi, everyone!  I hope all has been well with you and your pets if you have any.  I haven't posted since February 28, since I've been busy (who isn't busy nowadays?), between engaging in some fun activities for an Etsy Team I joined last week and carrying out extensive revisions of each and every one of what was then my 112 listing descriptions.

I learned of the existence of the Etsy Expats Team via an email I received informing me that I had been added to its Circle.  What an amazing coincidence that was, since I'd lived in southern Iran from April 1974 to December 1978, when my then husband, who had been on loan from Gulf Oil to Oil Services Company of Iran, and I were evacuated due to the about-face of Irano-American relations and general turmoil there, with everybody and his brother on strike as well as the murder of an American executive employed with the Oil Company, which happened just down the street from our house!  I applied for Team membership, and a short time later was accepted.

Membership on this Team is a great opportubnity to get to know people from many countries, and its discussion board provides kazillion means of self- and cross-promotion, including different bi-weekly Treasury themes its members can use to create Treasuries within that theme.  I've been having a blast curating Treasuries to conform to the "Happy Song" theme, suggested by a member who needed to start thinking of happy songs instead of sad ones.  In the past two days I've curated three: the first one, "Shout!  Shout!  (Knock Yourself Out",) based on Ernie Maresca's hit of the early 60s, with two photos of jukeboxes and photos of miscellaneous items of colors as loud as the music blaring from a jukebox; the second one is titled, "Won't You Let Me Take You on a Sea Cruise?" (the title of  Frankie Ford's early 60s hit); and third, "Purple People Eater," which I had the most fun with.  That's all I'm going to say about that one - you must see it!  I wish I could enter the links to them here, but all you can do is enter the title into the Search box on Etsy's Treasury page.

As for my listing descriptions, I decided to make life easier for buyers and myself by by replacing hte measurements of each item listed with a request for buyers to measure their dogs prior to ordering and provide me with the dogs' measurements.  That way, there's no confusion, and with the measuremnts I can't go wrong with the fit of the garment, whereas with an order for, say, a Small size, there was concern on my part as to whether the garment would indeed fit the dog.  I've never gotten complaints, and I'd like to keep my Feedback 100% positive.
Now for the piece de resistance:  during what may have seemed like eons since I last posted, I sewed and listed the wedding veil I mentioned in my last post.  Here are the pics.

Isn't that the cutest facial expression in the first photo?  And how do you like the profusion of fur in the second?  She's never had as luxuriant a winter coat as she has this season.  I'm not looking forward to Shedding Season, but I love her so much, she's worth the extra effort involved in having a double-coated dog.

One thing that's unique among Pomeranians is their smile.  I can't resist showing you a pic of her with that Pom smile.
She looks happy partly because her Pommie Mommie takes good care of her, and also because she loves wearing doggie clothes and posing for the camera.  What a ham!

That's all for now.  Take care, and I promise to be back soon with a mouth-watering recipe.

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  1. Dom, as always, looks "fetching"--no pun intended! Your energy and drive amaze me. It's all I can do to load items, ship items, & sew occasionally. I've fallen off the treasury wagon of late. Can't wait to check out "Purple People Eater"!