Saturday, March 30, 2013

I haven't posted in a while (tsk, tsk, my apologies).  Processing of orders, theocratic activities, and participation in the Etsy Expats, have kept me pretty busy, and I'm grateful for this breather.

The Etsy Expats Team provides many opportunities for participation, including its biweekly themed Treasury Challenge.  The current Challenge theme, Mellowed with Age, was introduced yesterday.  This one is especially challenging, since IMO, it's just plain hard to come up with a relevant Treasury theme AND satisfy the requirement of including at least eight Team members' items.  Buuut...I managed to come up with one, which is titled Wooden You Want Something Old?  You may have guessed that each featured item is a vintage piece made of wood.  Here's the link to it:

I haven't had time to list anything, but in Etsy's infancy one of its developers had the foresight to provide sellers with the opportunity to relist items.  Have I been relisting and relisting!  Items of mine have also been featured in Treasuries too numerous to mention.

It seems that some dogs, as they age, show a trait that's opposite to that of aging men: they become more hirsute.  In past winter seasons, Dominique's coat wasn't quite as bushy as it is now, and she never had a 1-inch length of fur projecting from her toes.  I'm astonished at this, and the other day I took a pic of her feet:

I'm really happy at the present frequency of sales in my Shop, partly due to the satisfied buyer I've mentioned in previous posts.  In a period of less than a week she ordered four dresses for two of her tiny Chihuahuas!

During my attempt just now to post photos of those dresses, I experienced technical difficulties, so I need to log off for now.  I'll be back shortly.

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  1. Furry feet! That explains our outdoor dog, Dex, who suddenly sports feet that look like those fluffy-feathered-foot chickens. He's 15 or so.