Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cowboy Hats and Buyer's Chats

Hi, everyone!  Remember my promise to be back soon?  Well, I just looked at my last post, and discovered to my dismay that I last posted on March 10!  How the time flies!  My experience with that has been similar to that of vowing to call a friend, but promptly forgetting to do so until it's about time to go to bed, at which point you think, "Well, another day."  It happends again and again, until you finally drum up the wherewithal to call the person, unless he or she beats you to it.  We Etsians are especially prone to that, with orders coming in and promoting on our agenda as well.  Ny apologies, dear friends!

The movie project didn't work out.  It's a long story, but I'll say this much - from now on I'll stick to conducting business with people who want garments for their little dogs, period.  It's so much easier, not having to worry about meeting production crew's deadline and mine, since sewing and mailing time has to be taken into account.

Last week I listed another party dress, a black and silver lace-patterned number with a black satin panel at the midsection, with a bow of the printed material.  Here's a pic of the dress, which has garnered many Favorites:
Another type of listing is on the drawing board, and I'm really excited about it.  An Etsy friend, Victoria Clark, has a wonderful blog, redletterdaybags.blogspot.com, and I had arranged to have her posts emailed to me.  I really enjoy reading them, and in a recent post of hers she included a photo of a stuffed rhino she'd made.  The upshot is that the rhino is wearing a mini cowboy hat, and in her postVictoria provided a link to the supplier's Etsy shop, Mad Hatter Supply (madhattersupply.etsy.com).  My first thought on seeing the hat and the link was, "Order some, decorate them and put them in my shop!"  They came in yesterday's mail, and I just love them.  In fact, in the feedback I left for the seller I said, "they exceed my expectations."

I don't know what's happeneing with my text entry here; the margin is not even, and it's really frustrating me.  I need to close for now.  Be back later.  Take care! 

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