Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh Happy Day!!

Hi, everyone!!  This time you didn't have to wait long for my return here.  You might call that turning over a new leaf, and I hope this trend continues.

Some wonderful things have happened since yesterday evening.  First of all, I was pretty fed up with the mediocre (understatement) performance of my computer.  While I'd be typing, the text would stop appearing on the screen, the back button didn't always cooperate on the first click, and the page changes were as sloooow as molasses at the North Pole in January.  In short, I had frequent aggravations with the dumb thing and was contemplating replacement of it with a different brand.  Well, yesterday evening I threw up my hands in disgust and decided to switch browsers from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome.  There's no comparison - performance has been flawless, like night and day!  As a result, I'm enjoying use of my computer soooo much more, plus the switch doesn't cost a penny!  Internet technology has come a long way since Explorer was introduced.

Here's the piece de resistance:  here I've shared bits and pieces about my participation in the Etsy Expats Team, participation that's included curation of bi-weekly theme Treasuries.  This morning I got up to read a Convo (Etsy's internal email) from the winner of the next-to-last competition.  The title of the Convo was, "Congratulations...You're the Winner."  Do you think I'll ever stop doing the Happy Dance???  The theme was Colors That Make Your Heart Sing," and was there competition - eight people each submitted at least one entry!  The last winner couldn't decide which of my seven should win, so she made ME the winner.  I'm unable to post the links here, so I'll give you the titles, which you can enter into Etsy's Treasury Search (or you can go to bloomingtailsdogduds.etsy.com and click on "Sally" on the lefthand side of the screen and then click on the Treasury link): 1) Kaleidoscopic Kreations - Etsy Expats Team; 2) Brighter Than Bright - Etsy Expats Team; 3) The Most Colorful Time of the Year; 4) Gold Is the Way to a Woman's Heart - Etsy Expats Team; 5) Pastels of Spring Make One's Heart Sing - Etsy Expats Team; 6) Black & White and Red All Over - Etsy Expats Team; 7) Colors That Make Your Heart Sing - Rainbow Sherbet.

Other activities are beckoning, so I'll have to close.  Remember I promised a recipe?  I'll post it later today for sure.  I'll also have pics of the new mini cowboy hats.  Bye for now.  

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