Friday, February 8, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy (Sound Familiar???)

Hi, everyone!  What a busy day today has been.  A very fulfilling day, though.  We all know how a day might not be fulfilling, when you get a bill that's higher than anticipated, or whatever.  Makes me realize how grateful we Floridians are that it's wintertime, when our utility bills are at their lowest. 

Besides getting ready for a two-day spiritual assembly, planting the rest of my annuals - orange marigolds, red dianthus, white petunias, and pansies, which provide my patio area with a blaze of color - I cleaned off of my honey-coolored wall-to-wall carpet some dog hair that keeps accumulating despite frequent brushing of my dog plus her having her luxuriant winter coat - what a good feeling to have clean floors! - and I listed my 113th item on Etsy: a red, black and white pet bow tie with paw prints galore.

Yesterday evening was not so fulfilling.  The new Kindle Fire refused to cooperate, so I got in touch with Amazon Tech Support.  They were wonderful, trying so hard via Live Chat to help me to try to get the thing to do what it's supposed to.  It was an ercise in futility;  the dumb steadfastly remained on sit-down strike, so I'll need to return it, and Amazon is sending me a replacement device which is scheduled to arrive on Monday the 11th.  Modern technology can be such a pain in the neck, which made me even more grateful that today was fulfilling!  The replacement device is being shipped UPS Express to make up for the frustration I went through.  As I said, they are truly wonderful!

No recipe today, but I'll have one in my next post.

Here's the photo of the new bow tie:

Be back soon.  Take care!

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