Sunday, July 7, 2013

Do You Think I Like Bright Colors?

A resounding "yes," as the photo shows:
I listed it this afternoon, and will have more dresses of this type as well as shorter harnesses for les girls and the "boys." 

I'll soon be expanding into another venue, which I'm really excited about: an upscale consignment gallery in Fort Myers, Florida.  Yesterday afternoon, the owner of the gallery sent me a Convo starting with, "I love your items!"  What's unusual about this arrangement is that she's asking me to add her 40% commission to my standard prices, which means I'll do as well as I do on Etsy - actually, even better, since nothing whatsoever will be deducted from my proceeds, whereas Etsy deducts a small amount.  I'll need to download a contract, sign and date it, and enclose it with the items, which I'll mail to her.  The name of the gallery is Savvy on First Gallery.

Last week I mailed another short harness to my regular buyer, who, as usual, waxed enthusiastic over it.  Here's a pic:

Once a buyer has ordered something from me, a proper fit is guaranteed, since a while back I started translating each dog's measurements onto patterns I make.  To make each pattern, I tape several 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of paper together and then draw a pattern on it, onto which I enter notes about the desired length of a D-ring holder and other measurements.  I'm posting a photo of one of my patterns so you can see what I mean.  As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words:
On this pattern the word "Juicy" is the largest.  That's the name of one of my regular buyer's dogs.  As an aside, I name each garment I make for this dog, and list as a sample, after her, as you can see in the pertinent listings.  I've also listed some "Violet" garments, named after this buyer's other dog who wears some of my garments, and I've listed a "Penny" gown, named after another boyer's dog, as well.

Gotta go now.  Be back later with a mouth-watering recipe.  Take care!

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