Saturday, May 4, 2013

Back at the Sewing Machine and Listing

Hi, everyone!  No more of those long absences from posting for me!  I've resolved to keep you up to date on developments in my Shop, plus goings-on in general.

Yesterday I listed a sundress, and I'm so pleased at how it came out.  It's only the beginning...I plan on  making and listing, for the males, a pair of swim trunks in the same fabric.  The waist will be partly elasticized to keep them from falling off.

I've been having so much fun working on expansion of my Shop to include more beach party-style apparel (I already have the Mock Aloha Shirt & Surfer Shorts) and the little hats and bandannas I mentioned here recently.  Yesterday I bought an assortment of colorful thin satin ribbon for the Mexican hats, and the guinea hen feathers came in yesterday's mail (they're really nice).  For the Western bandannas I  plan on using a traditional red, black and white bandanna print, and I'll make the Mexican ones out of a colorful striped cloth I've had on hand.

To change the subject, planting season has started here in Florida, and you should see my little garden patch!  It's a blaze of color!  Today I filled in the bare areas between the bright orange marigolds, crimson and pink dianthus and white petunias I call them my "petunia shrubs" - they're huge!), with rusty-orange marigolds and more of the crimson dianthus.  I'll post pics here as soon as the new plants have grown some.  Gardening is such good therapy, and so is viewing beautiful plants.  There's nothing like God's creations to soothe one's soul, which we all need in view of the distressing stuff we hear on the news.

Here's a photo of the sundress, and then I close for now,..oh my goodness, I don't believe it - the pic seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth.  Those dinky thumbnails can be soooo frustrating!.  Tell you what - I'll find the original one, edit it, and then come back to post it.

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