Friday, October 19, 2012

               So Glad to Be on Blogspot!

Hi, everyone!  About five months ago I started a blog on Wordpress, where posting of photos and text was trouble-free for the first two months.  All of a sudden, things started going haywire, with more difficulty posting than Carter has pills.  Their tech support staff advised me to start resizing my pics and using a different browser.  Despite those measures the problems continued.  A Gulf Coast Crafters teammate gave Blogspot her highest recommendation, so here I am!  For a while after she recommended this site I was so "down" on blog sites I didn't feel like posting anywhere, but I've decided today is the day to resume.  If you'd like to see my Wordpress posts, please feel free to go to

To sum up the main reason I'm here, on December 25, 2011 I opened my Etsy dog apparel shop, Bloomingtails Dog Duds.  Even though it hasn't reached that magical one-year point when sales are theoretically supposed to start happening, I've already made six sales!  I specialize in custom orders for stylish feminine and masculine small dogs' clothes, and I now offer dog dresses, shirts, coats, pajamas, hoodies, pawty clothes and raincoats.

Since people like to have choices, I let buyers choose between Velcro closure at the neck or a neck front sewn closed, and I also offer optional D-rings sewn on the back of garments for leash attachment.

Enough about my Shop for now.  My best friend and I have some exciting travel plans.  We're going on a Bahamas  cruise November 12-17.  We';ve booked two shore excursions, one to take place on a semi-submersible sub which goes five feet underwater and has glass walls which will give passengers an excellent view of the fishies, and the other to take place in and around Nassau as well as the beach.  I love collecting sea shells and I hope to find some nice ones to bring home.  Sorry, no stowaways allowed (our suitcases will be full).  I promise to post some pics here.

Something for the apple lovers among you to look forward to: in my next posting I'll include at least one recipe for a dish containing apples (yummm!).  Found some on my Intenret home page yesterday.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Addendum: I just tried to upload a photo of my most recent listing, a fleece hoodie.  No such luck, it might need resizing.  TTime for me to find out why it was so contrary.

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